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Meet the expert - Elisabetta Tola Meet the expert - Elisabetta Tola

Elisabetta Tola has a PhD in Microbiology and an MA in Science Communication at SISSA, Trieste, Italy. She is a lecturer in science communication, multimedia, radio production and in data journalism in various journalism schools and courses.

 She is co-founder of the science communication agency formicablu, in Bologna and Roma, where she coordinates projects exploring cross-media tools in science communication. She has been one of the presenters of the daily science programme Radio3Scienza on RAI Radio 3 since 2005. Elisabetta is currently involved in the production of the weekly science programme PiGreco Party, on air and in podcast since 2004 on Radio Città del Capo, Bologna. 

In 2010, she worked on seismic risk prevention, producing the docu-fiction Non chiamarmi terremoto. Her recent interest include data journalism and communication of agro-biodiversity.

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Participants Presentation
Participants Presentation
24/07/12 14:56
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RE: Participants Presentation
18/07/12 20:21 as a reply to Didier Laval.
Hi everyone,

I'm a science communicator, currently working in Bruxelles as a project manager at Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museum. I have been involved in several science museums in France, and used to be a science explainer at the Palais de la découverte (Universcience) in Paris. In another life, I am a theater artist and performer.
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RE: Participants Presentation - Elisabetta Tola
21/07/12 12:33 as a reply to Didier Laval.
Hallo everybody, I am a science journalist and communicator. I have founded my in agency few years ago, in Bologna, where I live. You can check some of our activities on our website,
I currently work as a radio presenter, a science writer, a consultant and project coordinator in science communication both with research institutes and with science publishers, and I am well involved in data driven journalism projects and training.
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RE: Participants Presentation
23/07/12 10:42 as a reply to Didier Laval.

I am Giorgia, I am the head of the education depament of Fondazione Marino Golinelli which is a private and non profit organization working in science communication and science education since 25 years.

I have a sociolgy and political scinece degree and I have been working in the field of science education for 10 years.

I am responsible for the organization, the program and the contents curation of Arte e Scienza in Piazza (A square for art and science), an art and science events, a sort of festival which transforms oyr City, Bologna (IT) in a art and science center for 10-20 days.

I am in charge for the edu program and organization af START-Laboratorio di culture creative (START-Creative Cultures Lab) which is the Children Center of Bologna, 2000SqM underground completely devoted to creative science, making connection bw art and science. We address children forn the age of 2 to 13, theis schools and families, offering maily labs and hands on activities.
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RE: Participants Presentation
23/07/12 12:22 as a reply to Didier Laval.
Buongiorno everyone.

Thanks for inviting me to this discussion.

My name is Martha. I live in Milan, Italy.

I have a background in physics and I got involved in science communication at the School in Science Communication at Sissa, Trieste, where I took an MA which somehow sealed a truce between my need for human touch and my hard science studies.

I have been lecturing at the School since 2004, but my main professional activity has always been in publishing. I have been the editor of the popular science series Gálapagos at Sironi Editore and of study aid materials at Alpha Test until last January, when I moved to educational publishing.

I am now head of science textbooks at Mondadori Education. I am in charge of products (both books and multimedia) aimed at high school and intermediate school (11-18 years old students).

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RE: Participants Presentation
23/07/12 12:10 as a reply to Didier Laval.
I am Barbara from Vienna, Austria.

Following my PhD in Molecular Genetics I happened to find my way into science communication in 1998, first on bioscience topics at "dialog gentechnik".

Now I am executive manager of the Austrian association "science center network", a very diverse network of 120 partners interested in hands-on science-center-activities. We facilitate the network, organise meetings and trainings on interactive science communication (all sciences, also humanities), initiate and organise projects (travelling exhibitions, workshops, school projects, discussion games, etc.) for all age groups and are involved in accompanying research on such activities.

see for more

Looking forward to the discussions,
Barbara Streicher
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RE: Participants Presentation
24/07/12 14:55 as a reply to Didier Laval.
I´m Andrea from Graz, Austria.
I studied biology and actually I´m working on my PhD in Science Education (the topic is fostering cognitive competences in cooperations between formal and non-formal learning).
Since 1997 I´m the director of a small science education center that offers programs to support IBSE in kindergarten, primary schools and lower secondary schools. We also are engaged in professional development activities for teachers, development of settings and tools for IBSE and action research about teaching and learning.
Thanks for inviting me to this discussion, I`m looking forward to an interesting exchange.
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RE: Participants Presentation
24/07/12 20:33 as a reply to Andrea Frantz-Pittner.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Nora and I'm a science communicator at Centre of the Cell, a science education centre at Queen Mary University in London.
I'm very sorry for joining late. Thank you very much for the invitation.

My background is in Natural Sciences and Neuroscience. I have previously worked on science education projects at the Science Museum.

I'm currently developing educational tools about health issues such as skin cancer for young people aged 14-18 and science educators. This work is part of a European project about health research called Xplore Health

I'm looking forward to participating in the discussion.

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