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Meet the expert - Elisabetta Tola Meet the expert - Elisabetta Tola

Elisabetta Tola has a PhD in Microbiology and an MA in Science Communication at SISSA, Trieste, Italy. She is a lecturer in science communication, multimedia, radio production and in data journalism in various journalism schools and courses.

 She is co-founder of the science communication agency formicablu, in Bologna and Roma, where she coordinates projects exploring cross-media tools in science communication. She has been one of the presenters of the daily science programme Radio3Scienza on RAI Radio 3 since 2005. Elisabetta is currently involved in the production of the weekly science programme PiGreco Party, on air and in podcast since 2004 on Radio Città del Capo, Bologna. 

In 2010, she worked on seismic risk prevention, producing the docu-fiction Non chiamarmi terremoto. Her recent interest include data journalism and communication of agro-biodiversity.

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DAY 1 - discussing research projects
Many interesting projects are funded on an array of diverse issues within the EU frameworks. However, how many of these do produce outcome that get to teachers, science communicators, publishers to be used in the development of formal or informal education products?

We'll start analysing whether participants look for specific research projects, and websites presenting their findings, when preparing a new exhibition, a new lab or workshop, or a book.
We'll try and focus on some strategic issues and see whether participants will give some feedback as to how research projects can actually improve their communication and dissemination strategies in order to become more useful to the work of communicators both in the formal and informal environment, such as schools, informal science labs, science school publishing.
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