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Summary of the 4th Project Managers ODE


The fourth and last project managers Online Discussion Event will take place in the period 11th-13th November 2012 and will be moderated by Marisa Hernández. During the three day event the participating project managers are invited to express their opinion on the Reach Out Toolkit developed within the DESIRE project. This Toolkit proposes recommendations to ease managers and researchers in STEM education projects the diffusion and exploitation of their outcomes to stakeholders.


This Online Discussion Event aims to present the results of the research carried out within the DESIRE project to understand how STEM education projects’ outcomes are currently disseminated and how they could be better communicated to different stakeholders. The outcomes of the research are briefly presented in a practical guide called Reach Out Toolkit based on the results of a survey and several discussion events were data from the main target groups (project managers, researchers, teachers, policy-makers, science communicators, science event organisers) active in STEM education were collected in the context of the DESIRE project.  

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Meet the expert - Marisa Hernández Meet the expert - Marisa Hernández

Marisa Hernandez

Marisa Hernandez is a research assistant and member of the Executive Board of the Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM) of the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, Spain. She  has a BA in Physics and PhD in Science Education.

With a staff of 9 full-time employees, 5 part-time secondary school teachers, and 3 PhD students, CRECIM manages a number of national projects and local initiatives on science and technology education. They cover a broad range of topics, from digital classrooms in science lessons (ADIGIC) and technology enhanced science learning for children in hospital (TEACH); to school-university (REVIR) and school-industry (Prat de la Riba) collaboration.

On the European scene, CRECIM has been actively involved in the management of several EU-funded projects: STISSIKUITSEMaterials ScienceTRACES andECB/inGenious.

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RE: Research outcomes of the DESIRE project
14/11/13 14:58
A collaboration with project managers would be great for me personally that would help you can implement various projects financed with EU funds .
RE: Research outcomes of the DESIRE project
RE: A Toolkit on specific needs for dissemination and recommendations
RE: Research outcomes of the DESIRE project