How to participate How to participate

You can still participate in our upcoming Discussion Events, for more
information on future events go to
this page.

1. Go to the Desire registration form.

  • If you already have you EUN OpenID (you are registered on one ofthe EUN portals), you can re-use it: click on "Reuse an existing EUN OpenID".
  • If you don't have yet an EUN OpenID, click on "Create a new EUN OpenID" to create one.

2. Follow the instructions in the registration form and fill it in.

3. You will receive an email with your username soon after completing the form.

4. Sign-in on the Desire portal with your username and password.

5. Go to the Online events.

Should you have any problems registering, contact Xenia.

Past Online Events Past Online Events

Welcome to the record section of Past Online Discussion Events (ODEs) of DESIRE. In the window below you find an overview of closed ODEs, including their links. The closed ODEs remain accessible to ensure that the DESIRE stakeholders still can view the discussions relevant to them.

The table below divide the online discussion events into five categories which correspond to the five target groups of the project, namely: project managers, teachers, policy-makers, organisers of science events and organisers of activities and expositions in museums. For each stakeholder category there will be organised four separated ODEs of 3-days in the periode 2012-2013.

Finished discussion events Finished discussion events
Category:TeachersPolicy-makersProject Managers
Name: 11-13  July 2012 15-17  October 2012 17-19  September 2012
 19-21  September 2012  7-9  November 2012
Category:Science EventsScience Museums 
Name:15-17  October 201223-25  July 2012 
  18-20  September 2012